Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Yum yum, lovely lunch...

Yesterday I enjoyed a fabulous afternoon at Search Press Author’s Summer Lunch Party.  As well as a lot of SP authors there were also the whole SP team, book sellers, magazines, bloggers... a great mix which made for some very interesting conversations.

I had the good fortune to meet some other authors and hear all about how they started writing books and what they do.  One lady was approached by Etsy convo which led to a very successful book.  

As well as packing the warehouse with 150 people it was also covered in nearly two miles of knitted bunting made by Woman’s Weekly readers.  The bunting was on display yesterday for readers of the magazine to see and it looks like the two mile bunting has created a new world record.

Martin de la Bedoyere, the MD of Search Press explained that there were over 900,000 books in the warehouse (all covered in knitted bunting of course) and after a good poke around Ruth (Rock & Purl) and I found one of mine, Knitted Cats & Kittens.  

I had a lovely chat with Arne and Carlos and here is Mary, SP’s Publicity Manager extroadinare with the knitty duo.  They have a new book in the pipeline which sounds very exciting!

I also met Mr X Stitch, Jamie Chalmers, who was charming and also hails from good old Milton Keynes, what an interesting man to talk to, if I hadn’t had to rush off to relieve my good friend Vicky of three of my children I could have stayed and chatted...

We had a lovely lunch and there was a plentiful supply of drinkies, but a:  I was driving and b:  if I drink at lunch time I fall asleep, therefore orange juice for me!

I’m back at Search Press next week for a marketing meeting for my next book, ‘Merry Christmas Sweaters’, who knows what plans are afoot, how exciting!

Bring on Christmas, lol

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