Friday, 31 January 2014

Parties and Duckies

A few weeks ago I was trying to come up with a theme for The Knitting Hut's 8th Birthday party. I was chatting with a friend of mine about various ideas when she mentioned an article she had seen in Yarnmarket News, an online magazine for the yarn trade in America. The article was mostly about using social media to best effect - how to promote, advertise and market your store, and one of the ideas a lady had come up with was a 'hook a duck' game. Each duck had an offer or discount on the bottom of it valid for the day of the event. I thought it was such a great idea - fun and games and a treat for my lovely customers too!
Of course this all got my mind turning over and as the theme idea for the party started to take shape, a brand new kit idea also started to ruminate and . . .  Hutty Ducky was born! It took quite a few attempts to get him to look just right, and my first few attempts ended in me ripping back and starting again. I really wanted him to look like a small version of a bathtime duck and he had to look cheerful.
I'm very pleased with how he looks now and with the addition of a party hat he looks ready to celebrate! This small, but perfectly formed Ducky will be joined by some brothers and sisters in the crocheted paddling pool for our 'Hook a Hutty Ducky' game for the party at the shop next Saturday 8th February.
I couldn't stop there though, as I knew that this super cute duck would be great as a kit so that anyone coming along to help us celebrate can knit their own Party Ducky too. He will available exclusively at The Knitting Hut party or you can always get him online the week after for a £4.99.
This little ducky will be popping up from time to time throughout the year with a different theme each time so watch out for him!

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