Friday, 30 May 2014

How the Woolly got it's 'Moo'

How it all started . . .

A few years ago (four when I checked!) I signed up with some friends, to take part in a charity walk to help raise funds for one of our local good causes, Willen HospiceThe Midnight Moo, as this walk is called, is a ten mile walk through Milton Keynes starting at midnight and running through the night - great fun with a group of friends and vital for raising funds for this amazing charity.

Instead of asking for sponsorship I decided to find another way to raise money for the Hospice, and so I started with a knitted cow - of course . . .

Bergere de France very kindly donated black and white wool so that our customers could create knitted and crocheted ‘patches’ to cover the creation of packing tubes, boxes and cardboard I had put together in vague resemblance of a cow. Everyone donated £1 per patch and Florence was born. After a couple of get togethers in the shop to assemble her we made a platform with wheels so that Flo could join us on the walk. She even had a coin slot in the top of her head so that donations could fall into a bucket underneath her udders - unfortunately some missed the bucket and she still has a bit of loose change rattling around inside!

As you can see, Florence rolled along on the walk with us and had a fabulous time. She managed five miles and was then taken to the finish line by a marshal. When I arrived (some time later) she looked mighty pleased with herself and was resplendent in her medal.

We all thoroughly enjoyed the Midnight Moo, but I wanted to do more to raise money for the Hospice and so I also decided to hold a day of mini workshops (including lunch, cake and afternoon tea of course). The Woolly Moo (as it is now fondly called) was such a success that we did it again the following year.

This year again sees us celebrating our Woolly Moo on Saturday June 14th and although I no longer walk the walk we still raise funds for Willen Hospice. Florence enjoys her day out, even though she is getting on a bit and is rather wobbly on her legs - maybe we'll try and give her a bit of tlc and a mini makeover before her big day . . .

If you're free on the 14th June, Flo would love to see you! You can find out all about the workshops, talks, and the first ever Chicken Raffle on the website but do remember that the workshops need to be booked in advance so please call the shop on 01908 586244. Come along and join us for what promises to be a fantastic woolly day!

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