Friday, 6 June 2014

An exciting early delivery!

It is always exciting when one of my books arrives in stock but even more exciting when it's early! Knitted Dogs and Puppies wasn't due in until at least the middle of June but to my immense surprise and enjoyment -  it turned up at the beginning of this week!

It's fabulous to see it in print and I forget all about the many hours spent agonising over designs and editing that go into producing a book. It's also quite a long drawn out process - from my finishing the designs and all the knitting, to actually seeing it in print, is quite a long time and so when I first get my hands on a copy of the book, I get rather excited all over again!

All the dogs and puppies are dotted around the shop and look fabulous sat next to a pile of books. The pre-orders have all been sent out and now I am facing the challenge of getting all the yarns in stock to go with the book, and then beginning to make kits of some of the dogs to go with the book.

As well as my unexpected delivery this week, I've also been working on getting all my patterns sorted out on Ravelry. Some of them needed updating, some needed new photographs and some had never made it onto Ravelry in the first place! Now they are all there, looking great and I have also added a few new free patterns, Summer Bunting, Summer Bunting Egg Cosies and Little Hutty Duck.


It took a whole day just to put on all the projects from the new book, listing yarns and adding pictures but it is so lovely to see them all there and I know it will be useful to anyone buying the book. Also, from my point of view it's really interesting to see which projects have been 'favourited' the most. Cuddle Pup looks like a clear winner so far with 24 favourites. Why don't you have a look and let me know which is your favourite. The top five will be the first yarn kits I put together to accompany the book!

Don't forget you can buy a signed copy of Knitted Dogs and Puppies from my website, RRP £9.99 but £8.99 directly from me!

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